meet the owner

Michelle Beaudette-Grates has been a hair and makeup artist for over 20 years working in L.A., N.Y., Miami and hometown Detroit. As a child she could be found applying blue eye shadow to her Barbie Doll. Since then she has participated in numerous medias of art, from sculpture to drawing. She attended Wayne State University receiving a BA in English and Spanish. She then decided to attend the Joe
Blasco School of Makeup in L.A., CA. At Graduation she approached her teacher, Ritamarie Beeman, and asked if she could assist her on a future job. Ritamarie called her two weeks later and the rest is history.

She moved to L.A. and assisted Sharon Gault, Klexius Colby and Victor Josef. She worked alongside Aldo Palmieri, a talented fashion photographer from Italy who has shot for European Vogue, Elle, and German Maxx. It was with him that she was able to compile her first portfolio. She was lucky to work in film, TV, print, etc. gaining
valuable experience. When not working freelance she could be found at the eponymous Fred Segal Essentials in Santa Monica, CA, where celebrities and upcoming trends could be found around every corner. She was always inspired by their concept of curating the best makeup, fashion and spa services all under one roof. She worked for Robin Coe-Hutshing who is one of the most sought after in the beauty industry for her 6th sense of product success.

After 10 + years on her own in the freelance world she was going to sign with the Fred Segal Hair and Makeup Agency in L.A. Than she met her husband, Michael who changed her focus to Grosse Pointe….and this is how Girlie Girl all started.  If you ever wonder why we named it Girlie Girl, my favorite TV show was “Moonlighting” with Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd. David Addison always called Maddie Hayes “Girlie Girl”.

I truly love every aspect of Girlie Girl from going to NYC and LA for buying to every spa and salon service we offer, I hope you love and enjoy it as much as I do!
Michelle Beaudette-Grates